What exactly is it that I do?

From May 2018 Service Spotlight:

I am often asked about my private practice work at Purple Sky. What exactly is it that I do? Clients most often come to me for assistance with conditions related to stress, anxiety, insomnia and pain release. I also see clients for inner/personal/spiritual growth and energy work such as Reiki. How is it that I help these clients? Through the use of Vibroacoustic Therapy along with a variety of other techniques. Vibroacoustic Therapy is sometimes referred to as a “Musical Massage” although I prefer to equate it to lying on a bed of soothing cat purrs. This technology is quite efficient in settling the nervous system, opening one for ease.
If this work interests you, please visit the¬†services¬†section of our website for more information and to book your session. Interested in how Vibroacoustic Therapy can help you specifically? I’m here to answer your questions.

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