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Energy Work

Working with subtle energies of the non-physical body

Use of energy to activate one’s natural ability to restore physical and emotional well-being.

30 Minute Session of Reiki on Sound Table
1 Hour Session of Reiki on Sound Table, including traditional sound healing therapy

Tuning Forks
The use of specialized tuning forks to settle non physical energies.

30 Minute Session
1 Hour Session, including Reiki or other healing therapy


Use of deep sound waves for pain management and to restore balance.

Pain and Medical Support:
Initial Consult  (1.5 hrs)  $120
Sessions 1-5  $60 each
Sessions 6+  $50 each

Stress Relief Package:
Four sessions designed to attune your body’s relaxation response to specific music.

Self-Discovery and Balancing:
$75 for 60 Minutes
$100 for 90 minutes
Frequent visitor rates available!

Sound Bath

Gentle use of sound to guide one into a state of deep relaxation to ease stress and balance mind/body.

Individual Session
Full hour session starting at $75

Please ask about couples and small private group options.
Can be combined with Reiki or Tuning Fork Therapy.

Sound Bath & Tuning Forks

Full Hour starting at $80

Private Group Sessions

Offering private group Sound Meditation and Restorative Immersion. This makes a wonderful gift among friends and family.  Private groups are especially nice as the participants typically are at ease with each other and can really tune into their needs.

Couple    $100
Group of 3   $125
Group of 4-6  $150
Group of 7-10  $200
Group of 11-15  $300
Group of 16 +   Contact for quote

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