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Energy Work

Working with subtle energies of the non-physical body

Use of energy to activate one’s natural ability to restore physical and emotional well-being.

Add on to Sound and Vibroacoustic Therapies
Starting at $10
30 Minute Reiki Session

Tuning Forks
The use of specialized tuning forks to settle non physical energies.

30 minute Session


Use of deep sound waves for pain management and to restore balance.

Pain and Medical Support:
Initial Consult  (1.5 hrs)  $120
Sessions 1-5  $50 each
Sessions 6+  $40 each

Stress Relief Package:
Four sessions designed to attune your body’s relaxation response to specific music.

Self-Discovery and Balancing:
$75 for 60 Minutes
$100 for 90 minutes
Frequent visitor rates available!

Sound Bath

Gentle use of sound to guide one into a state of deep relaxation to ease stress and balance mind/body.

Individual Session
Full hour session starting at $75

Please ask about couples and small private group options.
Can be combined with Reiki or Tuning Fork Therapy.

Sound Bath & Tuning Forks

Full Hour starting at $80

Private Group Sessions

Offering private group Sound Meditation and Restorative Immersion.
This makes a wonderful gift among friends and family.  Private groups are especially nice as the participants typically are at ease with each other and can really tune into their needs.

Individual              $75
Couple                    $100
Group of 3             $125
Group of 4-6         $150
Group of 7-10       $200
Group of 11-15      $250
Group of 16-20     $300

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