Differences in Reiki & Vibroacoustic Sessions

July 2018 Service Spotlight:

What type of session is better – Reiki or Vibroacoustic? The answer varies depending on each person’s needs and expectations.
Reiki is a method of tapping into the Universal Life Force Energy. This is an energy readily available to us and is called different things depending on one’s spiritual or religious background. Many people feel it as being blanked by warmth from a loving source yet each person’s experience is unique. Reiki can be used for general well being or to balance the chakras for spiritual growth. Our Reiki sessions are unique as they also include a Vibroacoustic component of specially designed music being played through the table. This musical massage helps to relax the nervous system, easing the client into a deeper state which is more receptive to the Reiki provided. The 30-minute session is a nice introduction to this type of work while the 60-minute session allows additional time to work with specific concerns, often including the use of singing bowls or tuning forks.
Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT) is a more individualized session which is no-touch and does not typically include energy work. Vibroacoustic Therapy is sometimes referred to as a “Musical Massage” although I prefer to equate it to lying on a bed of soothing cat purrs. This technology is quite efficient in settling the nervous system, opening one for ease. While lying on the table, clients listen to relaxing music as they drift into a daydream. This treatment is ideal for assistance with conditions related to stress, anxiety, insomnia, pain and other medical conditions. The sound frequencies are carefully chosen to target the client’s specific concerns. Sound therapy or energy work can be added on to this session to create a truly restorative experience.
If this work interests you, please visit the services section of our website for more information and to book your session. Interested in how Vibroacoustic Therapy can help you specifically? I’m here to answer your questions.

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