Private Sessions – Restructuring

November 2018 Service Spotlight:
Currently, I am busy restructuring the private session offerings and look forward to sharing with you in the coming months. If you have any questions before scheduling your session, please do connect by email as I’m happy to help you navigate. I would like to leave on a few words regarding the group sessions as we have some lovely options through the end of 2018.
What we offer is not a typical meditation class nor is it of a yogic foundation from the Western perspective. As many of you have experienced, these are deeply moving sessions with lasting benefits – assisting you to create the change you desire in your life. Many folks come occasionally, as needed, while we see our regulars monthly and a select few join in on sessions more frequently. It is our hope that you enjoy a practice of Radical Self Care with us. Sessions range from energizing and uplifting to soothing or providing a deep journey. If you have any questions about the best session for you, please do connect as we are happy to help.

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