Importance of Training

August 2018 Service Spotlight:

I recently found myself in a conversation regarding the importance of training for practitioners working in the wellness & spiritual fields. This conversation came at a powerful time as I had just returned from training for Level 2 of Pranic Healing, the most recent from the variety of trainings and workshops I have attended over the past 7 years. My stance likely shocked this person a bit – most people aren’t aware of the variety of trainings that exist or understand the need for it. Even I have been questioned about my qualifications as I don’t have the same training as a yoga teacher.
Is it necessary to be trained to do this work? Legally, it is not. I believe it is most important for a practitioner to fully understand the impact of their work on mind, body and spirit. I also believe it is unfortunate that we do not have a system of quality training in these esoteric fields as I believe it would further legitimize the work. After completing training through the Music for Healing & Transition Program, I received my title of Certified Music Practitioner through theĀ National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians. I have much appreciation for this honor as it is rare in the field. Quite possibly it is necessary for such regulation as those who complete the program seek employment within hospitals and other health organizations.
Why exactly do I believe it is important for a practitioner to have a solid training background? Because there is much to understand that goes beyond intention and intuition. This endeavor often entails working with brain states, adjusting the nervous system, releasing stuck emotions and patterns, releasing trauma of both physical and emotional origin, energetic cleansing, assisting with spiritual blocks and a variety of other needs. A practitioner should have a good understanding of the impact of this work, be familiar with contraindications & possible complications as well as have an assortment of tools and techniques at their disposal.
The variety of trainings that I have experienced have helped me meet the unique needs of individuals for Mind / Body / Spirit. The titles I have been given through various trainings are Certified Music Practitioner, Sound Practitioner, Gong Master, Reiki Master/Teacher, Pranic Healer, Heart Math Facilitator and other lesser known certificates. I have a great appreciation for my background as a Medical Laboratory Technician as it informs me of the physical/biological response as well as gives me insight on the scientific process. I also call upon my own spiritual practices to ensure that I am in the right frame of mind to do the work that I do.
It is also true that training can’t replace natural empathy and a desire to help. This is of foremost importance. As the great Pat Summit once said “They don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care”. These words have lingered with me for some time. I wish to provide a service that is compassionate and caring. To cultivate one’s awareness in a manner that leads to balance. It is my hope that clients and group participants are able to carry on the work, making an impact on their lives and those around them. I will continue to grow and learn from both trainings and experiences. I invite you to grow and learn with me.

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