Cost of Business

October 2018 Service Spotlight:

Purple Sky Healing Arts might indeed be in the healing field, but there is a cost of doing business. Over the last two years, costs have risen while we have tried to keep our price structure the same. Recently, we have received complaints about the current event registration system, so we decided to return to the Eventbrite platform which we left it a few months ago due to their significant price increase. As a result of that and other increasing business expenditures, you will begin to notice a reflection of this increase in the event pricing structure.
What we offer is not a typical weekly yoga or fitness class. As many of you have experienced, these are deeply moving sessions with lasting benefits – assisting you to create the change you desire in your life. Many folks come occasionally, as needed, while we see our regulars monthly and a select few join in on sessions more often. It is our hope that you understand these small increases as a normal cost of business which does not impact your ability to practice Radical Self Care with us.
If you have any questions or are interested in scholarships & work exchange, please do connect with us.

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