Group Sessions

Purple Sky provides a variety of group sound sessions offered monthly to promote self-care and inner harmony.  Each session has its own unique opportunity to deepen your experience with self and sound.  From deeply relaxing & uplifting to energizing and meditative, you can read descriptions of our regular sessions below.


It is required that you pre-register through Eventbrite or Email as this helps us prepare for each event.
Dress comfortably – mats, bolsters, and blankets are provided.
Sessions begin at the time indicated – please arrive early to settle in.
Doors open 30 minutes prior for those who wish to pay at the door and to allow extra time to settle in.
Allow extra time after each session ends to fully integrate and become grounded before leaving.
All sessions are facilitated by Robin Burk unless otherwise noted.

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Private Group Sessions

If you are interested in a private group event, the Musical Meditation and Restorative Sound Immersion are the most popular.  These can be modified for your own organization or group needs.  Contact me to schedule your event.


“The highest goal of music is to connect one’s soul to their Divine Nature, not entertainment”



“I wasn’t sure what to expect when going to the sound meditation, but was pleasantly surprised.  As someone who struggles a bit with long periods of meditation, the sounds assisted me into a beautiful meditative state into the dream world.”  Melanie

As a long time meditation practitioner and teacher, I have been exposed to many styles and forms of meditation. The effect of Robin’s music is profound in a way I haven’t experienced before. There is a depth and healing property to her music that is magical.”  Linda

“Robin Burk is a gentle soul and she shares that in her music. In both her recorded and live offerings she is able to coax one into letting go of the worries of the day and into a state of welcome relaxation. I always feel better after spending time with Robin and her music; it’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket.” Amy

Ongoing Events

Restorative Sound Immersion

Join us for deeply relaxing music and soothing sounds. This restorative session begins with the soft music of handpan flowing into the richness of singing bowls and native flute.  After waking from a dream-like state, participants feel grounded and peaceful.
This session is intended for self-care through relaxation and deep peace. It is a great option for folks interested in a meditative experience or who are trying sound therapy for the first time. If you are looking for a deeper healing type of session, please check out our Soul Soother.

Reiki Infused Sound Immersion

Join us for an afternoon of deeply relaxing music and soothing sounds combined with Reiki. This session with Robin Burk and Shane Ginder will carry you away to a place of ease while balancing mind/body/spirit.

This restorative session begins with the soft music flowing into the richness of singing bowls. Focus is on the experience of each participant as they are immersed in sound. Shane will infuse the space with Reiki, deepening the experience for all.

Musical Meditation

This is a session in which I will share my meditative style on handpans and possibly other instruments. This is not a performance but rather an opportunity to experience the use of music to lead the participants into a deep relaxation. This is approximately 50 minutes of live continuous music consisting of my compositions and intuitive improvisations based on the needs of the participants.  Most participants find this to be a profoundly relaxing experience and a few may find themselves drifting off into a dream.  It is my hope that participants will not only gain an immediate benefit from the session itself but will also look to using similar music as a method for relaxation and inner peace.

Gong Bath

Feeling stuck or drained of energy? Experiencing a creative block? Want to surf the cosmos? Experience the powerful resonance and energizing sounds of the gong. Robin Burk received her Gong Master training with Don Conreaux and brings an approach to the gong that is dynamic – gentle yet effective.
This session does contain powerful vibration and is not advised for those who are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, those with heart arrhythmia or who have received a pacemaker.

Full Moon Sound Journey and New Moon Meditation

This is a unique opportunity to incorporate deepening soundwork with the flow of planetary and moon cycles.  Expand your experience of these cycles as you are transported on a journey through the spheres.  The Full Moon Sound Journey is 90 minutes of relaxed and energizing sounds on a variety of instruments with intentions around release and other influences of that particular moon.  The New Moon Meditation is 60 minutes of soundwork focused on intention setting with ease and non-judgment.

Soul Soother – Healing Intensive

This session is a deep journey using inherently healing sounds and vibration to elevate participants into higher states of consciousness, raising personal vibration for transformation to be possible. Emphasis is on individual needs – singing bowls are placed on each participant to reset the nervous system. Reiki & Pranic Healing is provided to nurture each participant during their journey. This combination of Healing Energy and Sound is particularly soothing. Ethereal music of the handpan will help lead you out of this journey and into a place of harmony and balance. Time is provided at the end for integration and peaceful reflection.

This is an excellent opportunity for self-care as we come into a deep relaxation to soothe the nervous system and reset the mind/body connection. Please contact Purple Sky in advance if there is something specific you would like to work on during the session.
*Not suitable for persons with heart arrhythmia or women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.