Vibroacoustic Therapy


What is Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)?
VAT is the use of deep sound waves through specially designed mats, tables and chairs.  These sound waves are felt both superficially (via touch) and a bit deeper in the body.  VAT lowers blood pressure and calms the autonomic nervous system and decreases spasms and tremors , helping to enhance the quality of life.  When combined with specially designed music, the experience creates beneficial effects on both body and mind at the same time.  This unique combination can ease stress in a deeper manner while increasing energy.  It often brings a sense of calm and ease to the body and peace to the emotions, balancing the whole.

This method of delivering bio-acoustic frequencies to the body’s vibrational system has been shown to initiate the relaxation response.  A particularly positive side effect of using vibroacoustics to get into the relaxation response is a long term benefit—the more people use this technology the more they learn to recognize the state of relaxation and, over time, become able to reach relaxation at will. Vibroacoustics is a great way to learn how to relax and develop relaxation as a daily habit!

VAT is often described as a “Musical Massage”.  This relationship is largely due to the vibrations being felt by the body.  It differs greatly from massage in that it is a non-touch therapy and you remain clothed.  These vibrations are internalized and the muscles themselves are not “worked” like in therapeutic massage.  VAT is not to be a replacement for massage and can be quite beneficial when used in conjunction with a variety of massage therapies.

Vibroacoustic Therapy research indicates an ability to:
reduce stress
facilitate the Relaxation Response
decrease the experience of pain
reduce nausea, headache, anxiety, fatigue and depression
calm and soothe restless behavior
relax muscular hyper-tauticity
improve range of motion
promote muscle tone
lower blood pressure
stimulate lymphatic flow


Pain and Medical Support

Specific frequencies are chosen to impact the area of concern for each client.  For chronic conditions, the best long-term therapeutic benefits are often found in multiple sessions (up to 10 in some cases).  Currently specializing in Pain Management with Medical Support to be included in Spring 2015.

Bring your own relaxing music or enjoy my extensive library during your session.

Conditions Treated:
Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, Muscle Spasms / Dystonia, Sciatica and Spinal Cord – Neck, Shoulder, Low Back and Hip, specific injury sites such as knee, and relief from physically holding stress.

Other conditions may be approached with VAT.  Please contact me with questions.

Stress Relief Package:
A series of 4 sessions of stress releasing VAT used in conjunction with music specified by you.  This is designed to attune your body to initiate a relaxation response when listening to a specific CD.  Once conditioned, you may experience physical release from stress simply by listening to the chosen music.


Self-Discovery and Balancing

Use of low sound waves in conjunction with specially designed music to ease you into a deep inner peace.  Binaural beats may be utilized to deepen effects and elicit alpha/theta brain states.

May use your own guided visualization or meditation music in conjunction with VAT deep sound waves.
If you wish for a deepened state of mind during your session, please allow additional time for grounding and fully waking up.

Stress Relief
Deepen Meditation Skills
Creativity Enhancement
Chakra Balancing
Muscle Tension Relief
Deepen Guided Meditations

Due to the possible depth of the relaxation response, I ask that you prepare to spend extra time at the office (no charge).  If your session is 30 minutes, plan to be with me for an hour.  This will ensure you have an ability to slowly wake and be fully awake before you leave.


The transducers (speakers) used in VAT contain magnets which may interfere with the efficacy of medical implants such as pacemakers.  Care should also be taken in case of recent injury, surgery, or pregnancy.  Please advise practitioner if you have a history of blood clots, seizure, migraine, or psychotic episodes so the sessions may be adjusted for your needs.

Suggested Reading:
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Uses for the Vibroacoustic Therapy include:

~ Enhanced Relaxation ~
~ Stress Reduction ~
~ Lower Blood Pressure ~
~ Myofascial Release ~
~ Pain Management ~
~ Parkinson’s Spasms & Tremors ~
~ Dealing with Fibromyalgia ~
~ Coping with Autism ~
~ Inner Sound Journeys ~
~Increase Oxygenation~
~Reduce Acidation~
~ Lessen Burnout Rate ~
~ Deepened Meditation Levels ~
~ Calming Restless Behavior ~
~ Stimulating Creativity ~
~ Physical & Auditory Stimulation ~
~ Enhancing Self Help or Mind Body Tapes & CDs ~
~ Mind-Body-Spirit Connection ~
~ Increased success when used in conjunction with
other therapies such as Massage, Yoga, Physical Therapy ~
~ Increased Receptivity to Holistic Health &
Alternative Medicine Practices ~
~ PTSD Support ~